Farewell England

Notwithstanding an albeit diminishing element of patriotism, what a blessed relief to witness the elimination of England from the ICC Cricket World Cup. For a team allegedly provided with all the requisite tools to produce a quality performance in the competition, the actual delivery was worse than initially imaginable. It will be interesting to hear the explanation by the governing body of cricket in England and Wales as they were the body who reliably informed about the aforementioned tools being fully in place as part of our supposedly strong preparation.

That said, this is the same body that chose to reappoint the previously inept Peter Moores to the position of head coach. Listen to the management psychobabble of Moores and it doesn’t necessitate a startling leap of imagination to see why England have produced a string of witless, insipid, hapless performances leading to their hasty but deserved elimination. Strong words are required from the governors of our sport – but more importantly, so are words of utter honesty.